JON BAILIE, born in London-UK at January 06, graduated from Hollyfield School and still lives and works in his beloved hometown.

Jon Bailie has been studying Modern Hapkido for the last 16 years. He moved to Japan in 1996 and studied under Grand Master Sergio Fernandes for 5 years until returning to his home in London in 2001. Jon often travels back to Japan and Korea furthering his studies in Hapkido and has also been teaching in the Clapham area since 2002.


Jon Bailie and SEMOKWAN

I moved to Osaka Japan in 1996.


My main purpose was to study Japanese and learn Martial Arts.

For work I immediately found a job working as a bar tender in a bar called Jamaica Bar.

One day some guy looked at me and told me to follow him........

We went to the kitchen and he picked up a knife and moved it around like the guy from the "Raiders of the lost Ark"

I was hooked.....

Can I learn that? I asked  ?

He looked at me and smiled....

His name was Sergio Fernandes!

Eventually as we could hardly communicate we met at Bentencho in Osaka and we went to class which was full of Brazilians! ( when I met Sergio he  was wearing some very funny long flared trousers! I leaned what this was about slowly.....)

I left Sergio in 2000 and came back to Japan in 2002 and received 1st Dan Black belt!

I returned in 2009 and received a second degree Black belt.

I am now working very hard to receive 3rd degree black belt.

My Schedule...


- 1 hour leg squats and Sanchagong training.

- 1 hour hot yoga


- 1 hour swimming and 1 hour bike ride


- 1 hour Hangumdo and leg squats


- 2 hours Bike ride, running and 300 sit-ups


- 3 hours. Hot yoga, bike ride and running


- 1 hour bike Ride

Sunday. (Beer and football.....)

Monday to Saturday I teach  4-6pm Semokwan Hapkido!


Jon Bailie
2nd Dan Hapkido, Hankido
1st Dan Hangumdo