HELIO MORAIS DE OLIVEIRA, native of Mogi das Cruzes-SP, born in April 1974, residing in Itaquaquecetuba - SP, son of Mr. Adilson and Mrs. Joan and father of young Natan, university entry exams and passed the course in Business Administration at the UMC - University of Mogi das Cruzes, studying for a year and locking the registration. Affirms who never liked football, the national passion, but always liked to practice swimming and always had fascination for martial arts.




1984 to 1987 - started swim practice in "Dolphin Academy" located in Poa;

1986 to 1992 - His first contact with martial arts was in Capoeira with Master Kim's in the Academy "Poesia dos Libertos", aiming to increase their reliance and having the right not to bow to pupils older and stronger than I, accustomed to bullying, to extort money and humiliate in public younger students and flimsy as was your case and some friends of the classroom, after joining in the martial arts and devote body and soul to teachings in a short time had already acquired a good level of confidence and skill that allowed him to avoid the students that terrorized at school making stop investing against him and respected.

2007 to 2009 - He began trainings in Hapkido with Kwanjanim Carlos Santos in Itaquaquecetuba.

2009 to 2012 - At the invitation of Sabomnim Daniel Arrais and authorization of the Kwanjangnim Carlos, has taken part in the inauguration of the Institute Arrais Hapkido, being Marketing Director and Instructor of Hapkido;

2012 - In May of that year formed a black belt in Hapkido 1st Dan under the tutelage of Sabomnim Daniel Arrais, being the first black belt to be formed the Institute Arrais Hapkido;

2012 - In November of that year received authorization from Chong Kwanjangnim Sergio Fernandes and Sabomnim Daniel Arrais to found his own Institute. And so was born the Institute of Hapkido Black Diamond Semokwan.

2013 - The Institute of Hapkido Black Diamond Semokwan represented by Kyosanim Helio Morais has partnered with Academy Open House in the city of Itaquaquecetuba-SP.