Chong Kwanjangnim Sergio Fernandes

HANGUMDO - 9th Dan

TUKKONG - 8th Dan

HAPKIDO: 8th Dan

HANKIDO: 5th Dan



TAEKWONDO: 5th Dan (WTF/KuKiWon/ChangMooKwan)


IAIDO: 2nd Dan


President of Confederação Brasileira de Hapkido-Hankido-Hangumdo-Tukkong - Semokwan -

CNPJ: 07.688.045/0001-40

President of International Semokwan Confederation HKD HGD TM

° Official Representative of Tukkong in Brazil

° Official Representative of Tukkong in Japan

° Official Representative of Tukkong in Vietnam

° Official Representative of WHMAF in Brazil

° Official Representative of WHMAF in Japan

° Instructor: Hapkido, Hankido, Hangumdo and Tukkong in Japan


In 1977 began in Hapkido in "Agua Rasa Academy" in the street Pantojo with Master Carlos Ramos Filho, the first Hapkido Academy in East Side, but was forced to interrupt his training with the change of the academy to a distant location, during this period that started training Karate-Do.

In 1982 returns to Hapkido when going to train with Professor Song who was a student of Master Carlos Ramos Filho.

In 1984 he starts to teaching the Hapkido.

In 1984 he goes to train Aikido training with Ono sensei in the neighborhood of Liberdade in Sao Paulo.

In 1984 he begins to train Taekwondo and Hapkido with Master Yun Sik Kim.

In 1986 riding his first Hapkido academy in the Vila Carrão, this being the first Hapkido Academy in Brazil to adopt the black dobok.

In 1987 creates the Association of the Professionals of Hapkido.

In 1988 transfers its gym to the neighborhood of Belém.

In 1989 knows the Master Kim Jong Man, which presents you the IHF, at this time was born the name "SEMOKWAN".

In 1989 changes the name of the association to "Associação Semokwan de Hapkido".

In 1990 traveled to South Korea as part of the first Brazilian Delegation Hapkido go to South Korea and came to know Kuksanim Myong Jae Nam, who trained for a long period.

In 1991 creates the Academy Bresser in São Paulo.

In 1991 with the dream of riding a Hapkido Federation founded the first Hapkido Federation Brazil: the "Federação Paulista de Hapkido", calling many teachers to come together and becomes the first President of the Federação Paulista de Hapkido and the first President of a Hapkido Federation in Brazil.

In 1992 he decided to move to Japan with the intention of deepen their knowledge in martial arts Korean and Japanese, passing the command of the Federação Paulista de Hapkido for the Vice-President Marcos Amorim, however, even in Japan continued to supervise and care for Semokwan.

In 1993 founded his first Hapkido academy in Osaka and the first Hapkido Academy of Japan.

In 1994 begins training Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu with Takeshi Sensei in Nara, Japan.

In 1995 starts the training of Iaido in Osaka Japan.

In 1995 starts the training of Battojutsu. Training with real swords (cut) in Osaka Japan.

In 2000 starts the training Battodo. Also training with real swords (with cuts) in Kyoto, Japan.

In 2001 begins a journey of two years throughout Japan training in various schools of Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, Iado, Batojitsu and Kobudo seeking the origin of the techniques that have shaped the Hapkido.

In 2002 becomes official representative of IHF in Brazil and Japan.

In 2004 he founded the first Hapkido academy in Kobe, Japan.

In 2005 he founded the Confederação Brasileira de Hapkido Hankido Hankumdo Semokwan in Brazil.

In 2007 he founded the International Semokwan Confederation to cater the multiple academies affiliated to Semokwan in England, Japan, Vietnam, Colombia and Brazil.

In 2007 changes to Aichi Kem in Japan and begins training Nakamura ryu Battoto.

In 2008 Chong kwanjangnim Sergio Fernandes after years of research and training in various styles of Japanese and Korean sword creates Semokwan Hangumdo System ®.

In 2009 is officially named 8th Dan Tukkong and Official Representative of  Korea World Tukkong Association.

In 2009 Chong kwanjangnim Sergio Fernandes formalizes the Semokwan Hangumdo System® curriculum.

In 2010 carries out the first international seminar Hapkido Hankido Hangumdo and Tukkong MooSool in Brazil.

In 2011 leaves the IHF and is named the Official Representative of the  World Hapkido Martial Arts Federation in Brazil and Japan.

In 2011 carries out the first seminar Semokwan in Europe in London, England.


Chong Kwanjangnim Sergio Fernandes for 20 years living in Asia known all over Korea and Japan learning their customs, culture, history and their thoughts and devoted his entire life to the study of martial arts and art of the sword.